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Have you ever dreamed of being a real-life action hero?

The Chikuho Action Project can help!

Experience gunfights, car chases, and explosions Filmed in a real town in Fukuoka, Japan

What is the Chikuho Action Project?
The Chikuho Action Project is part of a company that creates a unique environment for shooting
action movies in Japan which may not otherwise be available within the country.

Reserve your spot in an experience-based action movie shoot!
You can experience a variety of action-packed scenes safely under the instruction of professional
prop experts and shoot a movie. Now, both children and adults can be movie stars!


Fight a gun battle at a real train station, shopping street, on a train car, etc.
Who will play the bad guy and who will play the hero? It’s up to you!

Car Chase with Explosions!
Ride along with our professional stunt driver in a real-looking police vehicle, drifting through explosions and fire.

Explosions on Public Transportation!
Ride on a bus or train, and travel to the destination while being randomly bombed. Our basic package includes 6 explosions per session. Additional explosions are available for an extra charge.


Optional equipment
Rocket launcher rental: JPY 30,000 (includes 1 rocket)
Blood packet: JPY 30,000 (several types of bullet-hit effects are available)
Prop gun rental: JPY 10,000-30,00
0 + JPY 3,000/3 bullets

• Prices shown are estimates and may vary depending on the number of participants,
  location, selected services, and other factors.
• Professional cinematographers can help capture your action in battles. Please let
  your coordinator know if you would like to take your own pictur
es with a
  smartphone or camera.
• Please note that no real firearms are used. Prop guns are replica
guns that qualified
  prop experts use on set. A safety training session is held before all events.

Calling All Filmmakers
We're also actively inviting both domestic and international filmmakers to conduct location shoots
here in Chikuho. We wish to foster global development in both film and video industries.
Please contact us for further information at

Translation/editing services provided by Amy Erickson ( and Yuko Yamamoto

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